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Research Toolkit



There are many reasons why you may consider undertaking a period of research in a different institution:

  • to learn a new method
  • to learn a new skill
  • to broaden your experience
  • to foster collaboration
  • to boost your reputation and profile as a researcher (it looks good on your CV, especially if it is a prestigious group/Institution)
  • some funders actively encourage it
  • demonstrates proactivity and independence

Plan the following:

  • Contact the institution and group in advance to ask if you can join them. You may need a letter of support. You may need to pay Institution fees.
  • Work with them and your supervisors to decide what specifically you want to get out of the visit and the optimum timing of the visit (when and how long for).
  • Consider the following costs:

    • transport
    • visas
    • accommodation
    • cost of living i.e. food
    • consumables
    • Institution fees
    • insurance (this may be covered by your University)

You may cost this within a larger grant (e.g. a Fellowship grant) or apply for a separate travel grant e.g.

  • Consider the following practicalities:

    • passport (when does it expire?)
    • visas
    • vaccination or health checks
    • insurance
    • local currency
    • local travel adaptors
    • local safety (ask for advice about where to stay and the surrounding neighbourhood from the group you will be visiting)
  • On your return consider:

    • how you can best share the skills you’ve acquired e.g. creating a new lab protocol, hosting a workshop
    • the requirements of your funder e.g. do you need to produce a report?
    • how you will continue the collaboration
  • Update your CV