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Keeping up to date with histopathology when you’re out of programme (OOPR)

Keeping up to date with histopathology when you’re out of programme (OOPR)

Maintaining clinical skills while out of programme is a concern for many academic trainees.

Firstly, decide whether this is a priority for you. OOPR (especially a PhD Fellowship) is a unique period of uninterrupted research time; some people choose to maximise the academic output of this period by focusing solely on research and then ‘re-immerse’ themselves in clinical work at the end. The choice is personal; ask your clinical/educational/academic supervisors and more senior academic peers for advice.

If you wish to maintain your clinical skills whilst OOPR, there are a number of options:

  • Ask clinical peers/consultants to put signed-out cases to one side(with the Head of Department/supervising consultant’s permission) and set an amount of time each week when you will review them.
  • Attend local teaching sessions/black box sessions / journal clubs.
  • Attend relevant RCPath/PathSoc/BDIAP/ACP training days.
  • Register for an EQA scheme.
  • Register for the ESP Path Test.
  • Use online resources and slide collections e.g. ,

As you approach the end of a period of OOPR, consider whether arranging ‘return to work’ days would be helpful. Discuss this with your clinical and educational supervisors.