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How to create a website

How to create a website

Websites are a good way to promote your research or to advertise details of an event you may be running e.g. public engagement events


  • What is the purpose of your website? Is a website really the best medium?
  • How will you host the website? Do you plan to create a stand-alone website, or to host webpages within an existing website?
  • How will you create the website?

    • Will you use a free online website builder?
    • Does your University have webpages which you can use?
    • Does your University have a support team?
    • Will you pay a professional to create the website for you? (e.g. the team that created this website, contactable via

      • Do you need to cost for this within your research grant or apply for separate funding?
      • Will there be maintenance/hosting costs?


  • content
  • layout (clear and easy to navigate)
  • style
  • links (to different pages of the website and to external websites)


  • How long will the website remain online?
  • Will you need to include a legal disclaimer to cover the content of the website?
  • Will website content need to be revised/updated periodically? Who will be responsible for this? How often will updates take place? Consider including a ‘last revised’ date on the website.
  • How secure should the website be? Will users be asked to login?
  • Will you provide contact details on the website and invite feedback from users?
  • How will the impact/use of the website be monitored?
  • How will you advertise the launch of the website?

Pilot the website before it goes live.

Update your CV.