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Tips for the beginning of a PhD Fellowship

Tips for the beginning of a PhD Fellowship

Many congratulations on being awarded a PhD Fellowship! Before you begin:

Contact your TPD / Deanery / RCPath to find out when you can start the period of out of programme research (OOPR) and which documents you need to complete. Things to consider when choosing the start date include:

  • relationship to training / exams
  • the latest allowable start date (as stated in the grant terms and conditions)
  • whether you have existing ACF time / money to use (this usually cannot be used after the PhD) practically
  • when will the project be ready to begin?

Read the conditions of your grant letter. Contact your University finance and HR departments as they will need to accept the Fellowship grant and write contracts etc.

Find out what you will need to do before starting the project e.g.

  • lab inductions
  • occupational health checks
  • arranging swipe card access
  • arranging an honorary Trust contract
  • arranging for a desk and computer etc.
  • Check the relative benefits / disadvantages of a University versus NHS pension scheme – you can usually request to remain with the NHS pension scheme during the Fellowship.
  • Find out if you need to let your medical protection group know that you are out of programme.
  • You will need to register with your University and arrange for the payment of your tuition fees. University membership may entitle you to a number of benefits

Check if your University library stocks any books about undertaking a PhD or look online to give you an idea about what to expect e.g.: