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Do you have material you’d like to share?

Do you have material you’d like to share?

Please contact us if you have material which you’d like to share on this website. Examples include:

  • previous grant or Fellowship applications
  • templates of patient or public engagement sessions which you’ve designed
  • templates of Pathology Undergraduate Society events which you’ve hosted

We hope to create a pool of resources in order to:

  • share great ideas
  • support trainees who are working in isolation
  • save trainees from having to needlessly re-invent the wheel

Material should come from completed rather than ‘live’ projects and be adequately anonymised/not contain confidential information. Please include the following additional information:

Grant/Fellowship applications

  • What year is the application from?
  • Are there any points which should be taken into consideration when reading the application (e.g. ‘readers should be aware that XXXX section is now asked at interview etc.)

Pathology Undergraduate Society or Patient/Public engagement sessions

  • You should have permission to share images in your presentation material (replace any images that you don’t have permission for with a brief description of the type of image required.)
  • Describe the target audience e.g. medical students (state the year), foundation doctors, histopathology trainees, patients, public etc.
  • Describe how the session is best delivered e.g. lecture, small group, pathology pots session etc. How long does the session last?
  • What equipment is required e.g. multi-header microscope, computers, pathology pots, flip charts etc.
  • Are there any points which should be taken into consideration when preparing the session (e.g. patients often focus most on X aspect of the session)